Jumbo Loan With Out The Jumbo Red Tape One Lender I Know Removing The MI With Low Down Payment

Dated: 08/28/2018

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So....I have a lender guru friend that has a package deal for larger home purchases.  As prices continue to raise, it only benefits to educate yourself on some or all of the options.  Most lenders will only you what they have because they know if you know what I know, you won't be using them.  So here's what I know, in a nutshell

10% down

No MI (Mortgage Insurance)

Today's rate  as of time of posting this blog about 5.25% (basically .25% higher than the current 30 year fixed)

Purchase price 750,000 or lower.

680 FICO

What does that mean?

Well if prices are going up....and interest rates are going...now is the time to buy and lock in a great house for a great price with a great rate.  The 10% down is the game changer...  and the mind blowing finish is the lack scrutiny thru Jumbo Loan criteria.  I just made easy for you to buy the home of your dreams.  This is where I would drop the mic, and walk away, but how about I give a you a link to the lender I'm talking about.  Click here to have a conversation with the lender guru friend mentioned above and he will get you on track, with the product that best suites your needs.

Good luck home shoppers!!!

And one more thing, click here to start the dream home search today. :)

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