Open Houses In Waddell

Dated: 12/03/2018

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Thought I would help out all of you home buyers out there with a list of current open houses planned in Waddell.  So if you're looking for a home, use this link each and everytime and the open house list will automatically update so you will always be in the know.

If you are tired of just driving to open houses, I would love to take a minute and sit with you about your 'wants and needs' list in a home and show you homes you're actually going to love.  In the meantime, click here for that open houses list.

When you are ready to get preapproved for a loan or when you're ready to seriously and pro-actively look at homes, please give me a call at 623.628.3016 or you can email me directly from that link above. :)

Happy House Hunting!!!

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