Rental Properties And Using A REALTOR ®

Dated: 01/20/2019

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Should I use a Realtor when looking for a rental property? With the internet, various real estate apps and craigslist, people want to save money. Many people are doing so by wanting to cut out the middle man, aka the Realtor to save on their expenses. After all, Realtors are way over paid to push paper around and make a phone call or two...MYTH!

 What a lot of people fail to realize is that Realtor costs to buyers and rental clients are free of charge in most cases. There are no hidden fees for showing properties, making phone calls, sending texts and emails, reading and copying contracts and professionally representing you, the buyer or lessee. In most cases, Realtor commissions are paid for by the seller and landlord (lessor) side of the transaction.

By having a Realtor represent you during your rental property transaction, you can benefit by:

-deterring fraud and rental scams

-having professional representation from start to finish

-accesses to properties and property information

-negotiate additional terms, conditions, fee schedules and amenities provided

-provide you the best possible housing options available in your market

-and in most cases, WE’RE FREE to you!  It never hurts to be protected and professionally represented. It hurts not to be!

If you would like to explorer your rental home options, lets chat!!! Better yet, start your search Surprise rental search here:[]=1&areas[]=city%3ASurprise&fbts=4202839&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=30000000&map=0&options[]=&sortby=listings.listingdate+DESC&quick=1&ppc=&addht=Surprise+Rental+Homes

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Brian has been a Realtor since 2011, working with buyers, sellers and renters. Prior to moving to Arizona in 2009, and joining the real eatate profession, he worked in Southern California in the law e....

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