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Dated: 07/01/2019

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Hey Peeps so far this summer my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska. I had no idea what I was going to see but am grateful and so happy we went. Our planet is suffering and we got to see it first hand. I decided to make small changes to our life style to try and "leave no trace or as little mark" as possible.

Together we can do so much...;-). I am an animal lover and to see how our glaciers have melted so much and see the fishing nets iin the ocean as we traveled up the coast was shocking.  My hope is that you too will help make  difference so we can bring the glacier's and forrest back. I heard that the Madagascar forest is only 3% of what it once was.

My goal is to stir a conversation and try and get as many people to help as possible....;-)

Until next time my peeps have a wonderful summer and instead of buying a bunch of water bottles how about taking a water jug to your next function.

xoxoxoxo Aprill....;-)

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