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Thank you for your interest in selling your home to us.

We have 3 best-case scenarios for you so we are happy to oblige.

1.) We will offer you a cash offer with our team closing it.

2.) We will market it specifically to 100's of investors in the area "Non-MLS" to see if we can save you on commissions

3.) We can market it for you on the MLS and grab all the qualified buyers looking in your area.

One of our team members will be with you shortly.

If nobody responds and you got here thru texting "buymyhome" just means we are walking homes and will get to you very soon.  If you just read this blog without texting 1st.  Please text "buymyhome" to 480.725.3877 so we know who to contact.

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Cotton

The Cotton Group

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