Dated: July 2 2018

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FREE $1,000.00!!!   FREE $500.00!!!  FREE $1,000.00!!!   FREE $500.00!!!   THAT"S RIGHT GET $1,000 or $500.00 FREE THIS JULY!      

Go looks at homes with me this July and get $500 FREE!  (*,**,*** See below for details)  

Go look at homes with me this July, Make a offer this July AND Closed before this Labor Day and get $1,000 Free!  

* To Received your FREE $500 or $1,000 Client Must be register under Jim Yungner, The Cotton Group / West USA and have signed a "Buyer-

    Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement".  See Jim Yungner for Details,  

** $500 & $1,000 to be applied towards Buyer's closing cost. See Jim Yungner for details 

*** Can not be used with any other Agent Closing Cost Payment Agreements. (See Jim Yungner for Details).     

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