Home Improvements That Are Not Profitable

Dated: 04/17/2018

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A fresh coat of paint, polished cabinets, and beautiful landscaping can get you a higher price for your home. However, do not try to overdo things.

Every home improvement project is not profitable. In fact, most home renovations do not pay off. Here is a list of home improvements that do not increase your home’s value.

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Replacement of Essential Systems

Customers expect that the plumbing system, HVAC, and electric systems will be in a working condition. They do not expect to pay a high fee for the basic functionality. While you should ensure that these systems are functional; do not expect to get a high return on their cost.

High-End Remodeling

People love luxury homes, but it appears they are not willing to spend extra money on this feature. Extensive kitchen/bath remodeling never pays off. While minor remodeling might give you a return of 70%-80%; high-end remodeling will only get you a return of 40%-50%.

Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool at your friend’s house is nice. However, it is a challenge to maintain a pool in your home. Families with young children often avoid buying such properties. It is best not to install a swimming pool in your house if you are planning to sell your home later.

High-end remodeling is not an investment. Furthermore, people do not want to spend $250,000 when every other home in the neighborhood is worth $150,000. Make sure to do a price analysis before you start renovating your house.

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