How Does The New Home Builders Salesperson Represent Me The Buyer

Dated: January 29 2019

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It’s very simple, THEY DON’T!

Looking into a new construction home can be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments of a persons life. Why wouldn’t it be? Everything is new, clean and the newly developed community begins to thrive. The neighborhood looks perfect...all freshly painted homes with weedless, manicured landscaping and all the cars are parked on the driveways. What isn’t there to love about that?

Behind the scenes of buying a new construction home is a lot different than a traditional resale home in a lot of ways. A few common myths as to why people generally don’t think to hire a Realtor when purchasing a new construction home are:

  • I have to pay out-of-pocket to have a Realtor represent me in a new construction purchase.

  • My home price will increase to reflect the Realtor’s commissions when buying a new build home. 

  • The builders salesperson is also representing me throughout the building process.

  • My home will be perfect before I get the keys.

  • My home comes with a builders warranty and they will fix everything.

And while I can keep going, I don’t want to deter anyone from buying a new construction build, but rather to be informed before signing the next 30 years of your life away when you could have been properly represented. Despite the perfectly staged model homes, the endless complimentary snacks and beverages in the immaculate sales office, and the overwhelmingly friendly office staff, the builder’s salesperson represents solely the builder, is compensated solely by the builder and solely looks out for the builders interests.

Home builders do a fantastic job from start to finish of keeping their customer’s entertained and amazed in their utopia, from the very first model home walk-thru, to the design stage and finally receiving their keys! However, the biggest key issue is that you, the home buyer are just a customer, not their client. And that makes ALL the difference in the real estate world.

In closing, I want to tackle a couple of the above myths of buying a new construction home. When it comes down to hiring a Realtor to represent you, the buyer, you are not charged a out-of-pocket fee from any side. Your house price will not increase because the builder is compensating your Realtor, who is representing you. Builder’s factor in a certain overall percentage for Realtor comissions of buyers who are estimated to be represented by Realtors. During the purchase process of your new construction home, your Realtor can recommend additional items to be addressed, review all your purchase contracts and can be a great source of insider information. You can always afford to be properly represented, especially when it’s free to you...can you afford not to be?

If you are in the market to purchase a new construction home, or explore your options, feel free to contact me at 623-882-4210 or via email at to explore your options, or simply check out my webpage: 

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