Sellers Are You Tired Of Not Getting The Full Picture On Options

Dated: March 1 2019

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Real Estate Agents world wide are trained professionals, with great scripts, objection handlers, and what to do get your listing when you are ready to sell.  You go with your family friend who has sold 4 houses total to help them out, or you go with one that sold 4 homes that month that has a great pulse on the market, or one that has closed 40 that month that has a mega team and systems to make the transaction smooth.  Basically those are the options for realtors. (Every Realtor is different and has different numbers)

Do you 1.) Do a For Sale By Owner?  

               2.) Call one of those signs on the telephone pole that says they "PAY CASH FOR HOUSES"?

               3.) Call an i-buyer like Open Door, Zillow Buys, or many of the other ones?

               4.) Do you spend the 15k needed to get top dollar on the market?

               5.) Or do you list as is, because it's pretty enough to fetch top dollar with a realtor?

               6.) Finally do you not spend the 15k you need and just sell your home as is on the MLS with a licensed Realtor?

What if I told you, why not do all the options?  Why not hire a real estate professional that will give you 4 options, 4 Net Sheets?  

Net Sheet 1.) Here's a cash offer from one of our investors

Net Sheet 2.) Here's an Open Door Offer 

Net Sheet 3.) Selling it as is on the MLS

Net Sheet 4.) Selling it at it's prime (either 15k down or you are already there)

We will do that for you.   I have a team or realtors, a group of investors, and connections for repairs as well as the systems to get your home sold for top dollar in this market.  (That's part of those scripts I mentioned earlier...)   But seriously why not make the best decision for you?  If you're interested in hiring the right team, please reach out and we can at least do a seller's consultation, and go over those 4 options. A number guy would say, "Hey Stephen, you mentioned 6 things but only gave us 4 net sheets.  Well the For Sale by Owner, it's hard to tell what you're going to get and less than 10% actually sell their home themselves, so eventually they will be one of those 4 net sheets.  Same with the fixing up the home yourself, either you do and your Net Sheet 4 or you don't fix the items and you are Net Sheet 3.  See what I did there? 

I hope this finds you all with a ton of equity and happy and healthy. 

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