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Dated: 03/01/2018

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It is a buyers market now! Some people may think we are still in a sellers market but the reality is that there are 13,662 homes available right now in Arizona! Only 2,897 homes sold in the last month. Do the math! That means that if you list your home today, It could be available for 4.72 months before it is sold. Or that there is 4.72 homes for every buyer. Congratulations Buyers! Lets take this a step further! Lets see what the numbers are for last year at this time. Last year there was 6,397 homes closed during the same time frame. So homes were moving twice as fast last year than they are this year! What does that mean for you? Well, it depends. Are you looking to buy or sell? If your looking to sell it may mean that we would have to price your home competitively to sell it. Also it may be a good idea to pay the buyers closing costs to sweeten the pot. If you are looking to buy then it may mean you have more houses to look at and have a little bit more time to think. But be careful because some of the much desirable homes that are priced right are still moving pretty quickly!

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