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I have been buying, selling, fixing, flipping, auction bidding, and renting residential properties all over the Phoenix Valley since 2010 Those that I have worked with become clients for life. Let me show you why.

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Have You Heard Of Temporary Buy Downs

Temporary buy down of the current interest rate is a great way to get a home you want to become affordable.  Ease into the larger payments.Here's the example which isn't too far from where we

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The 5 Key Components Of A Credit Score

There are five key components of a credit report that affect your overall score. 1. Delinquencies-  Making your payments on time is important for having a good credit score. This is 35% of

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FREE $1,000.00!!!   FREE $500.00!!!  FREE $1,000.00!!!   FREE $500.00!!!   THAT"S RIGHT GET $1,000 or $500.00 FREE THIS JULY!      Go

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Temp Off Market

You almost missed it! This property is Temporary off the Market. But if you’re still interested contact me today. We may still be able to get it for you.We would love to sell you this or a

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